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Hey, guys! Welcome to my sims story page! 🤗  Here, I will share with you the life and journey of my sim self "Monique" along with my real life friends [Liljenredd, Pixxerella & Penny] as well as other characters that I develop along the way. I decided to try something different outside of the machinima world since filming does take a lot of time to piece together whereas telling stories with pictures is less strenuous and time consuming....or is it? 🤣 Anyways, I hope you all will enjoy! 

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Monique Birthday 

My rl bestie (@Liljenredd) decided to help celebrate my birthday this year March of 2019, in New Orleans! I had so much fun on this trip with all the girls! 🎉🎊



I got invited by my sissy pooh ( @pixxerella) to tag along with her and the rest of the girls on a trip to GREECE for a wedding!💍 This trip was bananas I tell yah! lol 😂


Miami Spring Fest🌴

I had the opportunity to participate at the Miami Spring Fest function with my podcast crew [ @simtainment

HOSTED BY @drip_godkenny . We had an awesome time with everyone who came out

to support the event! 🏊



The aftermath of our Greece trip, back in L.A....met up with an old friend and the boo 😍 showed up in town!

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