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Friends in New Orleans
Arrival in New Orleans

I had no idea what was in store for me on my 23rd birthday. I was only expecting a card and a few gifts...not a trip to NEW ORLEANS!😲 Granted I've never been and always wanted to but I never imagined my sister @liljenredd would pull something off like this...especially not for little old me.


Jennifer: "So...I was thinking...since you've been going through a lot this past few years with your divorce and everything...and I know you may not want to but...I think it would be good if we all go to New Orleans for your birthday! It will be so much fun, wilding out like how we use to. And besides, you deserve a nice getaway." 

Monique: (Surprised) " New Orleans? Hell, yeah! Why wouldn't I want to go? I'm definitely down. I could really use some excitement and little play, play time (laughing)."

Jennifer:  "Okay good. I'll make the arrangements, get everyone else on board and all you have to do is show your ass up."

Monique: "Well, I'm there. Thanks so much for this sis. Lord, knows I need it."

Jennifer: "Of course. And I'll be sure to make it worthwhile. We gonna have a good time bish."

And that's exactly what my sister did, made it worthwhile! She grab up the entire Simtainment crew including big bro Lou 😂 who was the only guy in the group. One thing I can say, he was a good sport about it that's for damn sure. He had us all laughing on the drive to New Orleans and half the time we couldn't even understand what his ass was saying because he be talking gibberish at times and I have to try to translate what the hell he be saying LOL.....

Jennifer: (Coughs) "Umm...translator please..."

Monique: "Oh, he said, "Pixxie, don't be sucking d**ks on this trip."

Everyone bursts out laughing hard; my damn stomach was hurting.

Pixxerella: "Really, Lou, Lou? 🙄 Well, if I do, then it's my business and it sure as hell won't be yours."

Lou: 🤣 "I swear that's not what I said... (flustered in the face)."


Boy I swear the things we do and say when we are all together. And our girl Penny just be looking lost as one, two, three. 

Penny: 😕

The ride over to the big "O" was very entertaining and we practically died of laughter the entire drive there but babe...when we got to New Orleans...things really turned up!

All Photo Credits @liljenredd

©️ liljenredd

Beautiful New Orleans 😍

©️ liljenredd

Doesn't matter where we at or what city we visit, we definitely hitting up FOREVER 21! 🤣

©️ liljenredd

We some #baddies bishes...Queen 👑 Melanin's 😉

©️ liljenredd

Shop til we drop...that's just how we do! 😎


So of course before we even bothered to hit up our room, we decided to hit the town to explore and do some shopping before the long night ahead of us. But in the midst of all the uncontrollable spending 🤑 Lou got lost somewhere 🤣.

Jennifer: "Oh, damn...where did Lou ass go?"

Pixxie: (Shrugs) "I dunno, probably somewhere looking for a young thang...hmmph...they betta be careful as we all know he's ageless 😂."

All the girls laugh.

Penny: "So one know's how old he is? That's weird. We know how old each other are 😕."

Feeling Good

Monique: " I know right. Cuz for all we know he could be under age and we looking like pedophiles running around with a minor. I'm glad he gone...Ugh."

Jennifer: "Girl, he is not a minor 😂."

Monique: "He might as well be all that baby talk he be doing 👶. Can't even understand half of what he be saying..."Goo, goo...gah, gah 😂."

Everyone cracks up laughing.

Jennifer: "Girl I swear you stupid!...Anyways, I have a special treat set up for you. Me and the girls are gonna catch up with Lou while you have a relaxing time at the spa."

Monique: "Oh my god, for real?"

Jennifer: "Yes, for real sis. Go enjoy yourself. We will meet up with you later."

I was super stoked! It's one thing to plan a trip for me but to give me an all out spa day with a sexy ass masseuse who's hands were like gold roaming all over my delicate body as he embraced my soft skin with the palms of his manly hands....JESUS!...Jennifer really out did herself with this one. I was in paradise on an island butt ass naked with a Malibu rum in one hand and Steve Harvey's: Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady book in the other.  Yeah...she really did the damn thang!😝

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At The Room

So while I was out getting a miraculous massage, the girls grab some lunch at a fancy restaurant downtown to catch up on some girl talk. Apparently Lou had some home boys in town that he was chilling with so he dipped. He used us for a ride; he'll need us when come time to leave.  Watch he come calling.

Jennifer: " I'm actually glad he gone to be honest."

Pixxelrella: "Girl me too. We don't need him tagging along. It's a girls trip."

Penny: "But he's one of us though...right?"

Jennifer: "Yeah, if he has a P***y between his legs."

Pixxelrella: 😂 Really, a p***y Jen? Now, that's too much tea."

Jennifer: 🤣 "Nah, but for real...he don't need to be with us anyway. It's all about Moe and her special day, just us four."

Penny: "Sweet."😄

After I had my much needed massage me and the girls linked back up to finish exploring downtown before we finally made it to our hotel suite. 


You know we had to have the drinks on deck! 🍹 A girl's trip ain't a trip without the drinks...Okurr! 😜

Jennifer: "I would like to give a toast to my day one since the beginning of rida...I don't know what I would do without you and I'm blessed to have you as a sister...I love you Moe." 😍😘

Monique: "Aww...sis...thank's...this really means a lot. I appreciate everything you've done for me. You really went all out like for real for real 🤣 you too boo." 😘

Pixxerella: "And you deserve it. You've been through so much within the last year sis. And now that we are in the "O" we gonna turn the F**k up!"🤩

Penny: " Hell yeah! It's your birthday bish!"🤣

Everyone got turned up. By the end of the night we all was wasted. We ended up walking down some street called Canal, we came across some sexy dancers that were twerking and of course Jennifer had to get me in on the action.🤣😁

Jennifer: "Hey, excuse me, but umm...can ya'll please dance for my sister?'s her birthday."🤩

Monique: "Girl, really?🤣 Ya'll don't have to."

Penny: "Yes, ya'll do. let me see ya'll shake that boo-taaaay! (drunk)"😂

Pixxerella: "Shake that ass! Twerk it bishes!"

Low and behold those bishes was twerking it smh 🤦. I guess this is what happens when you put drunk women out on the streets 😂. They definitely made my night in New Orleans fun. And just when you thought the night was over...we landed at a bar. The last thing we needed was more drinks 😫 but I'm guessing they were probably looking to mingle so I went with the flow. So once we walked in, I noticed someone was on stage performing....wait...this karaoke night!😄

Jennifer: "You damn right bish! Go get on that stage!"

Monique: "Girl I'mma beat yo ass! (excited)"

Jennifer: "You know I got you can do that later."😂

After we wooed the crowd with my performance we danced the night away while mingling and just having pure innocent fun. And before we knew it, it was daylight! 😮 Where did the time go? 😂I guess that's what happens when you're no longer worried about the weight of the world. I'm finally feeling free.

The next day....hold is the next day😂.... well later that day...hung over still, we went to go grab some "pick me up quick".

Penny: "Man...I feel like I got hit by a bus and then a deer kicked me in my chest." 😥

Pixxerella: " lil penny not feeling so good?...we gonna fix you up, no worries."

Jennifer: "Yeah, let's go grab some coffee. We need it bad."

Monique: "Ugh and my head hurts. We can't miss the parade." ☹️

Jennifer: "Trust me, we're not. Let's go."

So we got us some coffee and luckily it brought us back...somewhat. I was still tired and needed a nap. Well, we all need a nap! The parade was nice. It was my first time being at the Mardi Gras and NO I did not show my BOOBS! Nor did my girls! We are Queens👑! Okur! 😂 And as you can tell we barely stayed awake on the sidelines, we still enjoyed the experience....I mean at least I did...I think...🤣. Although there was a lot of festivities going on, we decided to go back to our suite and Netflix and chill.

The next day after our long night of watching movies and talking all night laughing, eating pizza and drinking🥤 of course😉 was the big day...MY BIRTHDAY🎂🎈🎉!


I got up and all the girls jumped in my bed with hugs to wish me a happy birthday and it made me feel so good to be away from home in a different city with those I love so much, my dear sisters. They treated me like a Queen. I didn't have to do anything but look cute 😊...they had set up all the party decorations and food and made me feel super special. Thanks ladies!

Jennifer: "Happy Birthday to my rider die, my bestie, and my baby sister...I hope you accomplish everything in life.. I have been your biggest fan every since we met on YouTube making and still making machinma. Love you, Moe!"😝


Monique: "Thank you ladies. This means so much to me! I appreciate each of you. You guys have made my day truly a special one...I love you bishes!" 😝😜😘

Penny & Pixxerella:"We love you too chica!"😍

We partied, had cake and my favorite ice cream; cream cheese from Cold Stone creamery...yum! This was definitely a birthday to remember. 😄

And as always, trips don't last forever. 😔 We had to head back to reality....Humph...and you wondering where Lou ass at aren't you? 🤔...Yeah he called alright...I told that ninja to catch a ride back with one of his home boys....this ain't no pick me up when you need me...and you ain't even say happy birthday to me?? DF? 😤...


Jennifer: "He probably just drunk Moe. They were hanging out last night, let him ride with us, please."😞


Moe: "Hell no. I ain't the help."😒

Pixxelrella: "Well damn."😵


Besides that I had a great weekend in New Orleans and wouldn't have experience it with anyone but my sisters. Thanks again sis @liljenredd for this amazing birthday weekend. It was unexpected  & off the hook! 😆

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