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Hey guys,

I recently started doing stories aside from creating machinima videos considering I've always enjoyed writing growing up and wanted to tap into a different element for my followers to give you something fresh outside of filming. I role play so I thought why not tell my role play story? 🤔...Therefore I present to you...Monique Birthday in New Orleans! 🤩

This event was hosted by my long time bestie, Jennifer, also known as Liljenredd, a very well known machinima director you guys may already know and if not, you need to know! 😊 I had an amazing time along with a few other of our good friends from our Simtainment crew; Pixxerella & Penny who are also amazing and talented machinima directors as well that you all need to follow! 😍

But without further prolonging with my rants 🤣click the photo to check out my birthday weekend!

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