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😃New Music Video Coming Soon 📽️

I've been working on another music video project using the second life platform and it is taking longer than expected to complete. The challenges faced with Second Life is different from the Sims 4 considering I have to work with other people to get things accomplished and if times of availability doesn't align...well you know...things don't get done. 😔 It's spring break and I'm hoping to release this video before the break ends! May have to make a few modifications to make it happen's worth the risk! 😂....I know you're wondering...who is this girl in this picture?🤔...We'll this here beauty is Kita Yong! She is featured in the music video as one of the singers/dancers. This shot of her is from one of the scenes.

What is the name of the music video, you ask? That is to be announced once released. 😄

Just know that it will be semi-relevant, popular, crazy, spunky and fun! 🤪

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