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So the other day [Role play😆] I took the day off to meet with my now ex-boyfriend? 🤔 Not even sure what to call it as we haven't even discuss our relationship status until now...a few things have transpired over the past few weeks [hopefully you have been following the story on my IG @ufkproductions.sims] and to say the least I am extremely disappointed....but here are a few pics that did not make the cut that I'm posting here. A few snaps before the big meet after I decided not to go into work; needing to settle things for once and for all [visit IG to see the aftermath pictures]

After the meet with King 👑[ex-boyfriend] everything seem to be going in a good direction. We had a great conversation and decided to remain friends and hopefully if we are able to try to work things out we will later in the future...but then I received a text message from him this morning on my way to work with these pictures 😫😓

😍😘....temptations is a mutherf**ker😔...who said it would be easy right? The love is still there. I'm hoping the decision that is made is the right one...for now.

Be sure to follow the story and I hope you guys enjoy the exclusive pics!

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