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Fade Is Back!

It has been an amazing roller coaster ride with making this season. I can't believe my first video for this production was almost 8 years ago?!! Where have time went?? At least we know time doesn't wait on anyone lol. But within due time, if meant to be, things will continue. Which is why I decided to continue with another season of FADE. A lot of my subscribers/viewers were so loving and encouraging that I gave in and brought back the most comedy filled and over the top drama I could think of; by the way is my favorite series yet! I couldn't phantom leaving you guys on edge wondering what's going to happen with Keta let alone finding out she's pregnant??!! And as we all know...the #SHENANIGANS continues!

As we all know, season one was epic! I enjoyed using the sims 2 platform for this series but as time has passed, I fell in love with the Sims 4 platform. And when I'm a gamer and times have changed, I changed too. Even though I will miss all the great movie hacks that sims 2 had, I just had to switch over to the sims 4. The graphics are ten times better and the animations are fire!

Check out season 1 of Fade to catch up to speed with Season 2.

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