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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving🦃 and are safe for the holidays! I had the chance to spend time with my brother and work on the movie production. No big family gathering as the numbers in Covid is spiking daily so social distancing is key at this point🙏🏼....not the normal holiday routine, it sucks I know😔. Although, in other news, I've made some progress in filming and editing 🤪(which that's all I've been doing besides work + parenting) the past few weeks and it has definitely been a roller coaster for sure! It's one thing having to create sims, dress them, download sets, modify them, add, set-up the scenes, get them in positions, blah, get the idea? But nothing is more aggravating when the unimaginable just happen out of nowhere when you're looking for your sim to be in place and you realize their ass are being abducted?! Like wtf? Really?😱

I mean, it wasn't like the sim was a key character in the film, but geez she's my extra lol come on it took me forever to get everything ready for filming and now aliens want to come out and play!😂👽🤦 I hit cancel so fast I didn't know if she was going to come back deformed or what lol I wasn't willing to take any chances. I wonder what would've happen if I would've let them taken her?🤔 Nah!

Welcome to my world as a machinima creator, writer and director...the challenges we face to try to bring our creativity to life!🤣☺️

But as I'm working diligently to bring this project together, I'm planning to put together prize giveaways to fans and supporters leading up to the big release date (TBA) via Facebook and Instagram. More details to come soon. 😁

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